Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is the survey intrusive?

Not terribly. We'll look at the general structure of the property and take some measurements and photographs, which are for our records only. We need to have a look into the roof space if access is safe, and have a look at the boiler and the hot water cylinder, if there is one.

How much is an EPC?

It depends on the size of the dwellings and distance from our offices. Our prices for residential EPCs start at £65.00 plus VAT.

For commercial properties, our quotes are based on the time it will takes us to survey the premises, including travel time and the time it will take to process and upload the data together with the upload fee that we are charged.

Is an EPC really relevant for my type of house?

We believe so. In the UK, buildings produce 60% of all carbon emissions and the EPC is a way of, not just addressing this, but also being seen to address this by the EU. However, part of the survey is a tick-box exercise and some properties' characteristics are more suited to this type of survey than others.

Assumptions, based on property age and the building regulations in force when the property was built, are made throughout the survey software. We can limit the effects of these assumptions by inputting accurate data, which is best discovered by talking to the owner about changes or improvements that have been made to the property.

We're able, indirectly, to lobby the government with suggestions for improvements to the survey once a quarter. Our opinion is that the survey will be improved upon and developed over the next few years as energy efficiency in buildings comes into ever sharper focus.

How will it be presented?

For residential EPCs we provide an electronic copy. For commercial EPCs we provide an electronic copy and two hard copies as standard.

For more specific questions, especially those relating to commercial properties, please contact us.