Home Information Packs (HIPs)

House in the Cotswolds

A Home Information Pack (HIP) is a set of documents that provide important information about a property, including energy efficiency, ownership and boundary issues.

All residential properties must have a HIP before they can be put on the market, unless they fall under one of the exemptions, in which case they just need a residential EPC.

The most common exemptions

  1. Property with more than 12.3 acres (5 hectares) of land (not garden).
  2. Property being sold within a portfolio or where there are one or more additional cottages.
  3. Property is mixed use, i.e. there is a commercial element.
  4. Property that is uninhabitable due to its condition.
  5. Property that is restricted by planning for holiday rentals.

Whilst a property for which one of the above is relevant is not required by law to have a HIP, many solicitors would rather one was in place, particularly for borderline cases.

What's in a HIP?

A HIP comprises the following:

The points in bold form a "Lite HIP" or "Partial HIP" which must be in place before a property can be marketed. At this point the remaining HIP items must have been ordered and the complete HIP must be available within 28 days of marketing commencing or at the exchange of contracts, whichever comes first.